Our Story

Welcome to Fair Day! Thanks for visiting our site.

Launched in fall 2014, Fair Day provides fair trade, ethically sourced and inspiring fashion choices for Canadian women.

Fair Day is Laura Milton and Sarah Pendlebury, two old friends who shared a love not only for fashion but also for the many stories behind it.

While visiting the Canadian North, Sarah met craftswomen who described to her the traditional process of crafting leather goods. She was fascinated by the process and how these same methods are still being used today.

The homemade pieces are beautiful and made with a delicate precision you can’t find just anywhere, however Sarah found that the connection between the artisan and the consumer was limited.

Laura was also inspired by her travels. She met craftswomen in Thailand and saw how handcraft skills such as weaving are passed down through generations. She was disappointed to see how these women can be exploited for the benefit of tourists. Meanwhile, in Cambodia, she visited local shops that sold beautiful products made by local artisans who were being fairly compensated for their work. She wanted to find a way to make products like this more readily available at home in Canada.

Fair Day features products made by artisans in developing communities around the globe. For example, there are Mamas in Ghana who dye and sew clothing and accessories by hand. Practicing this traditional craft not only allows them to make a living, but also gives them their independence with the ability to support their families and make an important economic contribution in their community. 

Fair Day also has products made by artisans in India who are practicing century’s old crafts to create new and beautiful fashion pieces. Their work not only helps to keep with tradition, but also helps the artisans to rise out of poverty and to gain financial independence.

Right now we are sharing our story, but as we move forward, we will begin to share the stories of our artisans – strong, beautiful leaders within their communities. Together we strive to empower women at home and abroad through everyday fashion choices.

Our goal is to open the Canadian market to amazing artisans, co-ops, and fair trade organizations from developing communities around the world. Come find us in person at a market near you. We want to meet you and hear your stories!